A later on,

or a continuous now...?

Ironically today, although being more connected, we feel more disengaged from emotions and affections. We feel the need to communicate in a common language and at the same time unique and individual. We live constant contradictions and, in the search, to give meaning to these contradictions some seek codes. This SS20 collection does not reveal a new code or a new language but draws inspiration from this need. We represent the woman's the figure as a totem, exploring its essence -create, nourish and transform- naturally represented by circular movements. In the circle the beginning is also the end, the circle is life and thus, the after now does not exist, is a constant.

One of the great goals of design is to find an aesthetically appealing solution to a specific problem, at the end it's about functionality. The point is, when we talk about fashion, the aesthetic importance often overlaps functionality. Although unconscious, I realize that there is some creative snobbery in my thinking process, because the collections are told through stories that tell me something, I believe that this is what confers personality to the brand. However, I now realize that this process sometimes prevents me from exploring more realistic and functional aspects. The problem we all must solve will soon become a requirement, I would rather to learn serenely to be more functional than to be obliged to be. I do it in a constant effort, reformulating some methods, optimizing the shapes, materials and thinking about the life cycle of the garment.

This is my story of ours after now, that is more abstract in form and more concrete in function; and intends to interact directly with "our" personas.