AURORA - This collection suggests a rebirth. It suggests that after now, dawn is born, and a new day begins again. Everything germinates in spirituality, irony, despair, and hope. The theme appeared alone and intuitive, after a very objective reading of the evolution of humanity and its imagined order of gods and power. The idea is bringing together all things that may represent a divine power, a door to salvation and a window to understand the future is born. From myths to stories, through esoterism and ancestral beliefs: the dawn, the prophecy of the two suns, the saints and the angels, the stars, the cartomancy, the chiromancy, the phases of the moon and the five elements.

All that symbology is interpreted in sketches scribbled to pen, as in a notebook, a kind of random petition of hope.  The theme is subjective and spiritual and makes the colors of the elements float in pieces that incorporate lightness, but that are antagonistically structured, objective, and practical, designed as a set of bold indispensables.