“Contrary to what happens with the other arts, the experience of the funambulist is direct, immediate, simple, and does not require any explanation. Art is the thing itself, a life in its most essential feature. And if there is beauty in it, it is because we feel the beauty in us." Paul Auster

"Funambulando la Vida" is a way to define our path in the tightrope of our lives. Where the most usual state is the imbalance caused by the blows of madness that the wind launches in our onslaught. Whereas the most desired state is the one that takes the longest to arrive and quickly disappears, it is a state of pure contemplation that binds us to the fine line of common-sense.
This collection in shades of sky and heights, reveals some of this madness and some of this rationality, balancing the contrasts: fair and wide, rights and averse, lights and voluminous, leading us to the real imaginary of life.