Many authors tend to describe madness as contradictory in their diagnosis. Machado de Assis instils upon us this doubt, whether we are all be crazy or crazy the one is just the one who says we are all crazy ... this abstract idea that defines the indefinable, that tries to perceive our mental state. How to trace the boundaries of what is or isn't madness, even today the functioning of our mind contains many mysteries, and the stigma of mental illness remains present in our society.
"Locura" in Spanish means madness and "lo cura" means something that heals and restores, so that's how the name of this collection was born: we call it “LoKura". A collection painted of incoherence, describing all the universes that the mind cloisters. Its basis is the tint of what is raw, still colorless, underlined by white, like chalk transcribing thoughts. The lilac represents the imaginary, the magical and the unthinkable, grounded by the reality of the earth's brown, the palpable, the soil. These are the colours that paint our Lokura, drawn between shapes more or less lucid, more or less wide, more or less bumpy or cushioned, built with ties, caught, and furrowed, expressing confusion and scribbled patterns.