Interestingly, it is only a colour that lays the creative foundation of this collection. Red, in one of its oldest names: Vermilion, is derived from Latin and the worm with which it was initially produced. A stunning and dangerous colour, the oldest with its own name and one of the most dual.  We explore its dualities and the emotions that it makes us feel, whether they are energetic, positive, and passionate, or violent, explosive, and obsessive.

Red represents the God of War; it offers courage to warriors and celebrates victory. It expresses life, but also death, it conveys joy, but also violence, it reveals hatred, but also love. Red burns, but also stimulates and vibrates. It is a colour without half measures, it makes us feel either good or bad in a deep way. The collection delves into these feelings through contrasts translated into diverse forms and materials, all painted red. A collection presented with words, gestures, and flavours, in a space with history.